Customized Mould Design the Perfect Solution for Automotive Parts Moulding

Automotive injection moulded parts must conform to strictly laid down specifications. Most car or truck manufacturers buy these parts from injection moulding specialists who in turn get the mould made to match the specs. This is not an easy task since there will be a large number of specifications governing mould base, the cavity and core construction, injection systems including drops, sprues and gates, ejectors, slides, cooling systems, core pulls and hydraulics. Take the cavity and core for automotive parts moulding. There will be detailed instructions regarding cavity core labeling, core features, parting line inserts, vents, pressure plates and vent depth. Similarly, the injection system has specifications governing sprue bushing, runners, subgates, hot sprue, manifold system and valve gate connectors.1-140313141314527

Not all mould makers can handle or follow detailed instructions for each aspect of the mould meticulously but when you have an expert China mould manufacturer with teams of R&D as well as design people along with engineering supervisors and quality control experts, even the most intricate checklist is scrupulously adhered to. It goes beyond following instructions to the letter. Experts on the R&D team and design staff will consider the specifications and, if necessary, recommend suitable modifications bringing to bear their depth of knowledge and mastery in mouldmaking. Customization, for such mould manufacturers, is the standard procedure since no two plastic parts are the same or two manufacturers the same in their requirement of the finished product. It helps effect cost savings, savings in raw material consumption, energy savings and yet deliver a product that has superior characteristics.


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