Engineering Industry in China: Now the Source of Quality Plastic Moulds

China, it must be said, did struggle with engineering. It sold cheaply but quality and reliability was suspect. Over time, Chinese students gained engineering skills in the West and the modern generation transplanted these technologies and skills to the manufacturing work place. The result is that today, Chinese products are gaining respectability in world markets. Not only are they affordably priced, they are just as reliable and of high quality as products sourced from the west. If you look for plastic mould China has some of the finest mould makers who can give the western mould makers a good run for their money.1-140115152P24H

Huangyan in Taizhou city, for instance, is becoming known as the mould town. There are excellent plastic mould suppliers located here such as HQ Mould. They have the three requisites that mark them as exceptional and assured quality mould makers. One is a strong R&D structure. The second is a strong, well equipped and well manned design department where they have expert engineers working on CAD/CAM, 2D/3D, mould flow and melt analysis as well as state of art simulation software. Third, they have expert engineers and workmen to handle sophisticated multi-axis CNC machines and wire EDM to manufacture any size, any complexity mould to satisfy even the most demanding client anywhere in the world. They deliver fast, use specified die steels, follow specified processes and assure timely supplies. The prices are still absurdly low in comparison to what you would pay for a similar mould made in Germany or Europe.


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