Ningbo – Mother of Plastic Molding in China

Plastic injection molding is the future of Chinese business. Molding has emerged as a huge business in China in the past few years. This has increased the demand for molding technologies, plastic molding machines, maintenance of machines and repair works. This industry has created employment for many Chinese people. Plastic Mould Factory can be seen in a majority in the city of Ningbo in China. There are various types of moulds like the auto parts, home appliances, pipe fitting, cutlery etc.


Home appliances moulds

Statistics reveal that there are more than 500 molding companies in the city of Ningbo. Home appliance mould is the majority as this requires small manufacturers with a low capital. Most of the companies in Ningbo, China deals with the manufacture of the home appliances moulds like kitchen items, pipe fittings, Television, refrigerator, Air cooler and other household moulds.

Auto Parts Mould


Auto parts mold like bumper molds require a high capital investment. Hence large mould manufacturers engage in the auto parts molding process. Heavy machinery in the range of 2500 to 3000 tons is used in the manufacture of auto parts moulds. Bumper mould is the most popular auto parts mould. The technology used in bumper molding is highly sophisticated to make the molding process fast.

Overall China has emerged as the largest plastic molding manufacturer in the global arena with the city of Ningbo being the backbone of this whole industry. The number of plastic molding companies in China is growing rapidly and with the revenue generated from the molding industry.

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