Advantages of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

blog1cProduct visibility and identification is very important when it comes to conveying the brand in the market. Plastic nameplates are thus used for this purpose to convey descriptions, warnings, brand and other types of information. There comes the need of plastic injection moulding. Thus, there are so many advantages of using any kind of custom plastic injection molding. All of such plastic injection moulding helps one manufacture intricate and complex shapes as per the requirement of the customer.

One of the biggest advantage of custom plastic injection moulding is the cost associated with it. Shapes which are costly or difficult to manufacture are easily be done by plastic injection moulding. The initial cost of such moulding is less too and such plastic moulded nameplates can comfortably be decorated in so many ways like metallic foil, UV protection or ink.

Based in China, HQMOULD, is one of the leading provider of such custom plastic injection moulds across the world. The company makes use of plastic injection moulding to create customized branding elements for its clients with better processing techniques and tool design enhancements. They have been in the business for over forty years now and provide the best-quality products to their customers which are properly tested by the research and development team. They have a strong technical team which will cater to all kinds of plastic injection molding needs of their clients. One can even reach out the company’s customer support which will assist the customers anytime of the day. One can even mail their requirements to them at their email-id for any kind of custom plastic injection molding solutions and needs.


The Latest Custom Plastic Injection Molding for Industrial and Domestic Purpose

1-140313141622412The making of bespoke or custom plastic injection molding for special purpose is increasing daily. This is due to the various research and development happening in manufacturing sector, medical filed, telecommunication filed and by domestic needs. Most of the demands are to improvise or upgrading purpose. These are happening due to the presence of mould engineers and mould designers. They mix technology and their expertise to make them happen as per the client’s requirement. All you need is come to them with accurate design and measures. Rest they do it with the help of CAD and CAM.

What relays on special bespoke task is their technical approach with polymer technology and mould engineering. You can provide the details or they will make the precise design for you. These are best when comes to complex mould making. They make you happen with the right mould, when you require an assembly of an imported item, where there are no spares available in your home country.

The bespoke plastic injection moulds are best when comes to any alteration. They will totally listen to you first and make sure they are feasible with their custom design. These are frame with entire team of mould experts and polymer engineers. When they are having all materials with them to bring in shape, then only they agree to take the assignment. They do free consultation when comes to custom making of moulds. The plastic injection moulding is excellent type to bespoke designs. To know more on Custom Plastic Injection Molding visit us at :- HQMould

Why To Use Pipe Fitting Mould?

2-1403121F44R94Mould is actually a shaped cavity which could give the definite form to plastic and the fluid material. Pipe fitting mould is being used since decades just to match up to the irregular shapes of pipes. The two main reasons why this is still in work is the dedicated facilities provided and the engineering software’s , which makes me think on the broader view for the moulds.

Why choose this?

  • Are made keeping in view the low and high pressure of water supply
  • High quality stainless steel is being used to avoid erosion
  • The overall cost of tooling andproducts partsis reduced
  • These have accurate designs with reliability of the sealed connections
  • Used for connecting all the types of pipes like seamless, copper and etc
  • Simple maintenance
  • Can be installed easily and quickly
  • Heat resistance
  • Has proper service life with reasonable costs
  • A very low scarp is produced with proper finishing at the end
  • Can also bear large pressure
  • Easily takes over the entire drainage unit

Pipe fitting mould is really a lot beneficial for all as it is used for creating products of uniform properties. And on the end just make sure to keep in mind of two things before installation of mould is design of the mould and the quality, as it should be high quality stainless steel and the color and dimensions should be taken care of. Therefore, one may always opt for this kind of product for the home tasks. To know more on Pipe fitting mould visit us at :- HQMould

What Is The Need Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

This manufacturing procedure of Injection moulding includes producing of parts by injecting material and then getting into a mould. This can be performed with the use of many materials like polymers, glasses, metals etc. For this process the metal is first heated, mixed properly and then cooled and moulded and configured as required as a cavity. Custom Plastic Injection Molding is basically a process of creating plastic parts by injecting the heated material into some or the other specific required molds.1-140225161021921


  • This process manufactures individual plastic parts
  • It incredibly produces the products really fast
  • With the help of the machine and some efforts you can even get the color of the product changed
  • Fully automation is allowed in this machine
  • Injection molding is done effectively and accurately
  • Accuracy is the biggest advantage of injection molding
  • This produces custom designed products
  • This is virtually error proof
  • Does not involves much labor cost
  • Creates high strength products because proper metal is being used
  • Gives a very smooth finishing at the end of the process
  • This has become a most popular plastic molding procedure
  • Most of the waste gets grinded up and re-used, so reduces waste too


The one and foremost drawback of this molding is that it includes high initial investment as it requires the installation of the tools and the molding machines

This process of Custom Plastic Injection Molding is a most commonly being used modern method for manufacturing parts, but this is mainly used only while producing high volumes of a single object. To know more on Custom Plastic Injection Molding visit us at :- HQMould